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Success Stories

We have many great stories to share! Here are just a few...

Jennie Lopez, blind, diagnosed with PTSD
"He's made a very, very dramatic difference in my life. I feel safer. I haven't had any PTSD spirals,"

Jeanie, mother of Maggie who was diagnosed with autism
"I think that what a dog offers is love and friendship and relationship without the stress that often all of us, in our human way with too many words and too many demands, can put on her,"

A Big House to Your House LCIW C.A.T.
"I call them 'miracle canines' because I get to give back to a child, a mother, a brother, an uncle, veterans, who suffer and struggle with life challenges everyday, because these dogs make a difference in their lives. I can show my son that I'm doing something to better my life."
—Tresheen Wilson of Algiers, serving a 15-year sentence for armed robbery.

A Big House to Your House C.A.T.
Gabe is a show off. He prances around this compound like he's it. He is a precious dog and will make some family really happy. I have only 3 weeks left with him and I have to do some heavy praying because I have become attached to him. It's so amazing to watch them grow and learn. We teach the dogs, but they also teach us. I know that this program is going to be a success.

Jaymee Randell, deaf recipient of Blondie
I think the dog will alert her to sounds that she wouldn't hear, said Angela Randell.

[I] will have a new life now, [I] want to be happy, [I've] been depressed, said Randell, using sign language interpreted by her mother.

When asked if she had any words for her new companion, Randell said, through her mother's interpretation, Thank you for saving [my] life. 

Tyler Zelaya, 5 year-old autistic recipient of Bear
For five-year-old Tyler Zelaya, playing in the park with his dog isn't just fun. It's a form of therapy.

“I like to play with him and I'm not scared of him,” said Tyler.

“Oh they're so happy together. It's like a match, like best friends,” said Tyler’s mother Nikki Grant.

“He never really focused, he had a lot of developmental delays,” said Grant.
But ever since Bear, a Chow -Lab mix, came into their lives nearly three months ago, Grant said her son is communicating in ways he never did before.
“He's actually going up to people and telling them hello and waving at them and asking them what their name is,” said Grant.

In fact, within 20 minutes of their first meeting, Grant knew Tyler and Bear had something special.

“Without me telling Tyler, he's not the type of child that's just going to take initiative, he goes out and he gets a bowl of water and some food for him,” said Grant. “I just thought that was amazing.”

Former Master Sergeant Ferrete, recipient of Zeke
I don't ever remember feeling this good and Zeke is the reason I can move forward with my life.